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Pain shouldn't be chronic and people shouldn't have to live with it

We are developing solutions to heal people with smart textiles (instead of drugs), harnessing the power of bioelectric therapy with an AI-driven virtual health coach.

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Drug-free Relief With Smart Textiles

Healables is developing advanced wearable microcurrent devices to potentially transform treatment protocols for chronic inflammation, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, sports performance, cosmetics, and more.

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Our Goal is to Provide Drug-Free Healing For Millions

Physical Therapy
Sports Medicine
Pain Management
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Our Wearables Conveniently Deliver Personalized Microcurrent Therapy

Innovations in Recovery

Healables is a digital health solution transforming pain relief and recovery. By combining lightning you can wear, smart textiles, and stimulating pain relief protocols. Healables is paving a path to pain relief by recharging your cells with subdermal electric currents.

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Finally A Wearable That Heals

Healables is focused on pain relief wearables that move with you.

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We're Transforming Pain Relief

The Healables pain relief wearable works by combining:

  • Personalized protocols with AI
  • Smart textiles
  • Pain relief protocols
  • AI systems for accelerated recovery
  • In app coach that works in synergy with bioelectric therapy

Our smart textiles deliver personalized microcurrent therapy in a size adaptable sleeve that delivers treatment wherever life takes them. With a rechargeable docking unit, constantly updated pain relief programs, and app supported coaching we help your body accelerate recovery-naturally.

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What our users say

Nir Wainerman
We have a great tool!

When I began I couldn't even walk one floor up. Yesterday I was able to go four floors by myself with no problem, no pain, no getting the knee stuck.

I can only say that it did good things for me so I really think that it can help people.

Ohad D.
Amazing team!!

I heard about Healables on a radio show about innovative startups. After 2 treatments of about an hour and a half each, I feel less pressure in my stomach, and I am more relaxed.

I hope this will help take away my condition fully, and I highly recommend this to everyone!

Rachel Arenstein
Awesome Service

After the treatment the pain in my knee and leg has almost disappeared. I had no pain after two long bus journeys and a walk with a suitcase.

I will be doing another treatment and definitely recommend it to others.