Microcurrent Wearables to Accelerate Recovery

Smart textiles driven by AI that move with you.


We Have the Potential to Transform Treatment For

Chronic Pain

Chronic Inflammatory Illness

MSK (Sports) Injuries

Our Athletic Recovery


Meet ElectroGear, our sports performance & wellness product line. 

ElectroGear accelerates recovery with a multi-system approach that athletes, cross-fitters, and bio-hackers use to get back to their best, faster. We get people back in the game faster by combining:

Electron Stream Technology
Behavioral and Mental Health
On The Go Wearables
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Recovery happens in the body and the mind.

That’s why we paired lightning you wear with recovery protocols and an AI, APP accessible health coach. Together they combine physical and mental recovery using a wearable that goes with you. Discover how we accelerate recovery by clicking the link below.

How We Help

Traditional recovery takes time. The reason why? 

Recovery requires rest- which we rarely get. ElectroGear accelerates recovery by putting energy back into your body.  Our wearable charges your cell’s energy with electron stream technology.

The process is natural, drug free, and a powerful way to induce relief, increase performance, and accelerate recovery. Athletes turn to ElectroGear when recovery matters-here’s why.

ElectroGear Combines Microcurrent Technology in a Smart Wearable Device

Our wearable is easy to use. That means athletes follow their trainer’s advice.

Wearable Recovery

Athletes lead busy lives. ElectroGear’s wearable provides on the go relief that keeps up with the busiest athlete.

Easy To Use

ElectroGear does away with sticky pads, loose wires, and fussy units. Simply slide on our wearable garment, dock the unit, and you’re good to go!

Monitor Progress

An app as easy to use as an mp3 player! ElectroGear is designed to provide feedback from the protocols to your care provider. Track your recovery, labor free, with your AI-driven coach.

Prevent Injury

ElectroGear’s programmable protocols keep your body ready for peak performance.

healables benefits trainers

Trainers Can Monitor and Update Athletes' Treatments

Our easy-to-use web and mobile apps optimize recovery.

Our wearable integrates into everyday life. There is no being attached to monitors, or having wires wrapping around your body.

Simply slide it on, activate, and go. Data is sent to the trainer automatically. This leads to better adoption, clearer data, and accelerated recovery.

Healables makes pain relief wearables that move with you.

Discover more about how to pre-order ElectroGear today! Devices will ship in Q1 2023.

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